Comeragh Mountains, Waterford

Walk Guidelines

Walks Guidelines for all Participants


  1. Participants in club activities should be aware that they are responsible for their own actions and decisions.
  2. Walk leaders are members of the club who have demonstrated that they have the experience and personal skills necessary to lead a group safely in the terrain they encounter. Bear in mind that the leaders are all volunteers and should be respected as such.
  3. Prospective new members must contact the Club P.R.O. at to make arrangements to come out with the club. Those turning up at the Hypermarket or on the mountains will not be accepted without prior arrangement. The P.R.O. will have notified the leader of any newcomers to be expected on a walk. Newcomers must pay up membership after the two mandatory introductory “C” walks if they wish to participate further.
  4. It is irresponsible to go on a walk if you are unwell or injured, you should select a walk that matches your ability and fitness level on the day. If in doubt, err on the side of caution. If going on the walk you should, out of courtesy, inform the leader.
  5. Don’t assume that because it is hot and sunny in Waterford that it will also be like this in the mountains. Temperatures drop by 1ºC for every 100m of ascent not including any wind-chill felt due to increased wind speeds at higher altitudes. In addition it rains more in the mountains.
  6. The leader has the right to refuse anyone who is not adequately equipped, or anyone who in the leader’s opinion is unfit to walk.
  7. The leader has the right to extend, curtail or alter the route from that described at the start of the day. The leader sets the pace and walkers are expected to follow this pace.
  8. All walkers have a duty of responsibility towards the leader and the group as a whole. This means that members must not do anything to undermine the responsibility of the leader or the safety of the group. Walkers must follow all reasonable instructions of the leader.
  9. For everybody’s safety and security those starting out together must stay together during the walk. If you are on a lower grade of walk than your usual you must slow down to the reduced pace of the lower grade or else organise your own group and transport for the day.
  10. The decision to divide a walk into fast and slow groups rests solely with the leader. This should not be necessary if all walkers are on the correct walk for their ability. If you go ahead of the walk leader of your own accord, then you, and the people who follow you, will be considered to be no longer a part of the club walk.
  11. If a walker has to leave the group during the walk to head back early, etc., they must out of courtesy inform the leader of his / her wish to do so. The walker is no longer part of the club walk on leaving the group but out of courtesy must inform the leader on safe return to the cars before heading off (phone or text).
  12. If a walker needs to stop, for whatever reason, while the main group is walking they must inform the leader or sweeper / back-marker if one is appointed.
  13. It is the responsibility of members to sign off the walk on finishing the day before heading off. This could help prevent un-necessary Mountain Rescue call-outs as it will then be known that everybody is safely off the mountain.
  14. No pets.
  15. By completing and signing on the Walk Registration Sheet at the beginning of each walk participants accept that mountaineering is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death, that they are aware of these risks and shall take part at their own risk and abide by these guidelines and any others issued by the leader or the committee.
  16. The committee of the Comeragh Mountaineering Club asserts that no walk leader can be held responsible for the welfare of individuals participating.