Comeragh Mountains, Waterford

The Comeraghs

The Comeragh Mountains are an attractive mountain range in central Waterford, in the southeastern corner of Ireland. There is a wealth of Mountain scenery, precipitous cliffs and contorted ridges alongside rolling moorland and the rich agricultural land of the county surrounds the range. An interesting and characteristic flora and fauna occurs which can be admired from the many possible walks which may be undertaken. Excellent views of the surrounding countryside may be had and the range itself is visually superb when seen from nearby roads and other vantage points.


Strictly speaking there are two ranges, the Comeraghs and the Monavullagh Mountains, though the distinction between them is not entirely clear. The name Comeragh, which is usually used for the two ranges, comes from the Irish, Cumarach, meaning “abounding in hollows and river confluence’s”. This name arises due to the many Coums in the range (including Coumshingaun. Irelands largest Corrie lake) which were formed during the various ice ages
The total area enclosed by the mountains is approximately 195 square kilometers and they reach a height of 792m (2589ft), they are composed mainly of Old Red Sandstone Conglomerates. The mountains are easily reached from the main Waterford Cork road.

For further information and reading on all aspects of the range – including geology, flora, fauna, climate and selected walks the following book is highly recommended:
A Guide To The Comeragh Mountains By Declan Mc Grath, Published by “The Adventure Club” of Waterford Regional Technical College 1995 (now known as Waterford Institute of Technology, WIT)