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Comeragh Mountaineering Club members are people like you.

We hike, camp, travel and thrive in the outdoors. We are friends, parents, gear heads, minimalists, thrill seekers, and nature lovers. We are experts, novices, and lifelong learners.

We crash through mountains. Blaze new trails. Revel in quiet sunsets. And delight in a good challenge.

How will you make CMC yours?

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Please Note: MCI membership and Insurance cover runs from the 1st of November to the 31st of October, your Insurance
cover begins on the 1st of November or from the date this club receives your payment after the 1st Nov. Insurance
for NEW Members will not begin before the 1st of November at the earliest.

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Optionally you could print this Membership PDF form and return to – Anna Lisowska, 12 Avon Court, Avondale, Waterford. email –